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Ampakines – Powerful Nootropic Supplement

What are Ampakines and what can they do?

Nootropics are special types of drugs or supplements that can be taken to improve a person’s cognitive functions and overall mental performance.

Most people are increasingly shifting their attention to such “smart” drugs, especially the natural ones in an attempt to boost their brains for one reason or another.

Benefits of Ampakines include: enhanced memory and attention span, improved learning and greater mental energy and alertness.

There are various types of nootropics being sold in the market today. This highly informative article is, however, going to introduce you to a special category of nootropics called “Ampakines” that have already created quite a buzz on the internet and the medical community at large.

What are Ampakines?

Ampakines, which are considered to be the most potent nootropics being used today, are special types of supplements or drugs that have the ability to alter brain chemistry when taken. This alteration can easily result in the ability to stay alert and awake longer, improved memory, increased attention span and better learning power. These supplements or drugs work by modulating the neurotransmitters (endogenous chemicals) found in the brain.

All the neurotransmitters found in the brain usually, bind to receptors (special types of proteins) that can be found directly on the surface of the receiving neurons. This binding mechanism, then actively triggers all the other subsequent cellular events that are experienced in the receiving neurons. Ampakines have been scientifically proven to enhance the functioning of a particular receptor called “alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propanoic acid” or AMPA(1) in short.

AMPA Brain Receptor

AMPA is an essential brain receptor that is known to play a major role in the formation of memories and the communication that takes place within and between various brain regions. You are guaranteed to experience better memory retention among other cognitive functions just by consuming these types of nootropics. Ampakines, unlike other popular nootropics

Ampakines lack most of the common side effects, especially headaches and nervousness that are usually associated with the brain stimulants. This alone makes the drugs or supplements a great option for people who want to effectively boost their brain power.

Cognitive Enhancers

Ampakines can also be referred to as “cognitive enhancers” due to their unique effect on neurotransmission that has been widely shown to affect both learning and memory in a positive way. These nootropics have been also discovered to play a very important role in synaptic plasticity.

Hence; can they can easily increase the brain’s ability to absorb and retain new information. Scientific studies are currently underway to investigate whether Ampakines can be used to treat common neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, severe depression, and schizophrenia.

Improved Concentration

This is because most, if not all of these neurological disorders can be associated with multiple neurotransmission problems. Currently, various scientific studies involving human subjects indicate that people who take Ampakine drugs and supplements.

Experience better wakefulness and concentration even when under exhausting conditions.

This is probably the reason why the military and various multinational corporations are setting aside a great percentage of their money towards the development of such drugs.

Increased Learning Ability

Ampakines can also be referred to as “smart pills” due to their scientifically proven effectiveness in increasing the human learning ability. These smart drugs can easily enhance the pace and depth of learning through enhancing neuron communication and memory formation.

Ampakines have been widely recommended for use by people with sleep disorders. However, unlike other popular sleep-inducing drugs, Ampakines can only be taken to get rid of the adverse effects caused by lack of sleep.

All these essential benefits make Ampakines special types of drugs that can be taken to improve one’s quality of life. You are guaranteed to experience a significant improvement in your mental, emotional and physical well-being once you start using these nootropic drugs or supplements.

Common Types of Ampakines

There are various types of Ampakine drugs being sold in the market today. However, for the purpose of this informative guide you are only going to be educated on the top four types of Ampakine drugs or supplements.

1. Sunifiram (DM235)

DM235, which is also popularly known as “Sunifiram” is a special type of Ampakine drug that is up to four times as potent as Piracetam (a well-known nootropic drug). Despite its increased potency, Sunifiram is similar in structure to the popular nootropic drug. Sunifiram has been shown to significantly enhance several cognitive functions in multiple animal studies, particularly those involving the use of rodents as lab specimens.

The Ampakine has also been widely proven to improve cognitive deficits in “olfactory bulbectomized (OBX) mice in such animal-based scientific studies. Other scientific studies indicate that Sunifiram can prevent amnesia, especially the one induced by scopolamine.

2. Ampalex

Ampalex, which is also called “CX-516,” is an effective Ampakine that can be used to treat various cognitive disorders like mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. CX-516 is probably one of the first ever Ampakines to be developed and investigated. Ampalex, according to a credible scientific study can cause enhanced performance in short-term memory-related tasks.

3. CX-717

This is probably the most reliable, recent and efficient Ampakine today. However, despite its potency, CX-717 has been discovered to be incompatible with certain drugs, hence; you should always consult your pharmacist or doctor before acquiring and using it. CX-717 has been increasingly used as an effective treatment option for both Alzheimer’s and ADHD. The FDA has currently put the nootropic on hold due to various toxicology issues that are being investigated.

4. LY-404187

LY-404187 is a potent Ampakine that has been widely proven to enhance the transmission of the glutamatergic synaptic receptors. The nootropic has been shown to increase c-fos expression and cerebral glucose utilization in rat specimens. This is, therefore, the main mechanism through which the Ampakine enhances cognitive functions. There are also ongoing scientific studies to determine LY-404187’s effectiveness in treating ADHD, Parkinson’s disease and Schizophrenia.


Ampakines are relatively new types of nootropics, hence; may not be necessarily reinforced with sufficient scientific facts and findings. You should therefore only use these potent cognitive enhancers and brain stimulants while being monitored by a licensed pharmacist or doctor.

It is always advisable to only purchase your Ampakines from a reputable online and physical store if you wish to fully benefit from the potency of such nootropics. You can also try your best to find the Ampakines that are made mostly of natural herbs and compounds as such nootropics are considered to be relatively safe and well-tolerated.

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