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Nootropic Vitamins

In this article you will learn all you need to KNOW about Nootropic Vitamins and Derivatives of Vitamin B.

When it comes to becoming smart than everyone else, you do not need to be a bookworm. The advent of the technology helps us to access any information we need quickly.

Today there are also products that will help you to better yourself. Whether you want to pass your examination or just need to improve your memory.  Then you need to know what are Nootropics and vitamin B derivatives.

Guide to Nootropic Vitamins

Basically, the Nootropics are smart drugs, what science refer to cognitive enhancers that will help to improve one’s brain function such as memory, creativity, learning as well as other functions that deal with cognitive development.

What are Vitamin B derivatives?

The vitamin B derivatives are types of Nootropics that are obtained from vitamin B. these supplements are used to increase your energy level as well as treating fatigue. The supplement has sulbutiamine that helps in boosting memory and still used to treat degenerative disorders.

What are the benefits that come with vitamin B complex vitamins?

The vitamin B complex comes with water-soluble vitamins, which plays a major role in cell metabolism. Since your metabolism will affect everything from calories intake to energy levels it is therefore very important to get the supplements for you to function properly.

Besides the increased metabolism, the vitamin B complex will also play a major role in the creation of blood cells that will increase the youthful appearance. As well as giving you more vigour in your daily life. Additionally, research shows that the vitamin B complex has an active role in enhancing your immune as well as the nervous system(1).

Since the vitamin helps to create new health blood cells, your body will be strong and have the ability to defend itself from infections and viruses.

It is good to understand that the vitamin b derivative supplements contains all the eight vitamins available in vitamin B complex. Each vitamin has its role and then referred by its specific name. The eight vitamin B includes B3 (niacin), B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B6 (pyridoxine,). B7 (biotin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B9 (folic acid) as well as Vitamin B12 (various cobalamins)

Benefits of B vitamins to your brain

The B vitamins are directly related to the formation of brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and epinephrine. Each of the vitamins found in this group has their unique role in brain function. Generally, all the vitamins in the B complex work towards the goal of improving mental performance and brain function. The vitamin B9 also referred, as the folic acid will aid in early brain development. Research also shows that there is a direct relation between the memory decline and low levels of vitamin B6, B9, and B12.

How do the vitamin B6, B9 and B12 help your brain?

The vitamin B9 also referred, as the folic acid will aid in early brain development. Research also shows that there is a direct relation between the memory decline and low levels of vitamin B6, B9, and B12.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin helps in the production of serotonin, as it will convert the 5-HPT into serotonin, which is a very important neurotransmitter. This vitamin will also aid in the production of dopamine another vital neurotransmitter. Both these neurotransmitter helps in elevating your mood as well as keeping your brain alert. If taken as a supplement you should take from 2-19 milligram per day. The natural sources of vitamin b6 include tuna, bell peppers, kale, cranberries and garlic.

Vitamin B9

Studies reveal that this vitamin helps you to stay more alert, focused and experience improved memory. Additionally, the vitamin will reduce the levels of homocysteine, which is very destructive to your brain cells. The folic acid is available in various fruits, beans, leafy greens as well as whole grain cereals. The foods that have the highest concentrations include pinto beans, chickpeas, lentils, asparagus broccoli and spinach. If these foods are not available, you can also take it as a supplement.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin also plays major roles in improving your cognitive function(2). This vitamin helps in the formation of Myelin, which forms protective layers around the nerve fibers offering insulation. This vitamin is only found in animal products. This means that vegans and vegetarians can benefit from this supplement. Deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to memory loss, decreased mental ability, nerve damage as well as poor mood.

Vitamin B complex Nootropic Benefits

Apart from the advantages, we have listed here above the Vitamin B complex also helps to encourage a more peaceful mood, thus allowing you to manage stress in a better manner. This is very important as it reduces the chances of the heart disease.

Since the vitamin can eliminate the stress and lift your mood, women who have issues of the premenstrual dimorphic disorder can include the vitamins in their diet. Another vital benefit that comes with this supplement is that it will reduce the likelihood of developing pancreatic cancer.

Additionally the vitamin B complete will assist in your digestion as it helps in the production of hydrochloric acid that helps to break down carbohydrates, fats as well as fats. The main B vitamins that will help with digestion include Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6.

B vitamin Deficiency

This is why supplementation is imperative as a deficiency in any of this B vitamin can lead to improper digestion and deficiency of essential nutrients. Do not also forget the fact that B vitamins will also play a significant role in correcting the DNA and RNA synthesis and cell reproductions if you need great skin, hair and nails you need the various B vitamins including Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, B12, as well as Biotin.

Deficiency in any of the vitamin may lead to a gray skin that is dry and other conditions such as dermatitis, acne, wrinkles, falling hair and weak, splitting nails.  It’s also important to understand how vitamins for fatigue can help you.


As you can see vitamin B complex play a significant role in providing energy for our busy lifestyle, keep you young, maintaining a strong immune system as well as improving your cognitive brain functions. The various individual B vitamins also show a positive effect in reducing the chances of the Parkinson’s disease, as well as minimizing the various symptoms of autism.

Although you can get the different vitamin B complexes in fruits, veggies, and whole grain, it is very important to take B vitamins as supplements. The supplements come in both tablets and liquids. However, the liquid option is more readily absorbable thus highly recommended.

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