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Buying Ritalin in the UK [The Facts] - NootroGenius.com

Buying Ritalin in the UK [The Facts]

In this article you will learn all you need to Know about- buying Ritalin in the UK.

First I will explain how Ritalin works and what you need to know about it’s side effects.

Then I discuss what you need to know LEGALLY about buying Ritalin in the United Kingdom

Ritalin also referred as Methylphenidate is a powerful central nervous system stimulant and is classified as a amphetamine. When consumed, it gets into the brain and stimulates nerves and brain chemicals.

These affect our hyperactivity as well as impulse control. This is one of the reasons why Ritalin has become a common medication. It’s prescribed to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Studies show that about 70 percent of people affected by these medical conditions can benefit from this drug. Besides this, Ritalin is also used in treating individuals with sleep disorders.

How Ritalin Works

So what does Ritalin do? Ritalin has shown positive influence of the activity of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that affects attention span, pleasure, and movement. On the other hand, the norepinephrine is a stimulant.

Ritalin works by blocking the re-absorption of the neurotransmitter in the brain neurons. Which then increases their actions. For optimal health, these chemicals should be increased gradually. The doctor gives the patient the lowest possible dose and then increases the dose gradually.

Some of the benefits of using this stimulant include increasing concentration. Also being less “fidgety” as well as allowing you to gain control of your actions.

Additionally, this stimulant works to fine tune neurons functioning in the prefrontal cores of your brain. This area is responsible for your impulse control and decision making.

Ritalin Benefits

The main benefit that comes with Ritalin is its ability to treat both ADD and ADHD. This stimulant also helps in improving concentration, attention span as well as focus in both adults as well as children. Some studies also suggest that it helps in task organization, behavioural control, and even listening skills.

ritalin tablet

Today, this drug has also become a popular cognitive enhancer. This is because of its effect in boosting attention, memory, as well as intellectual capacity. Currently, there are many studies that indicate that the use of this drug has increased among college students(1).

Another benefit of using this drug is to treat narcolepsy. Since Ritalin increases the neurotransmitters action, it helps in reducing lethargy and fatigue. Studies show that the drugs help to keep your mind awake and to provide you with an exciting feeling.

Ritalin as a Nootropic

One of the main reasons why the use of Ritalin has increased is because it’s considered as a smart drug. That can improve the general cognitive functions of a person. Additionally, this drug has shown positive results in boosting the levels of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is another neurotransmitter that works together with dopamine in improving attention as well as increasing motivation.

Ritalin for Weight Loss

Other studies also suggest that Ritalin has the ability to work as a weight loss supplement. However, its positive effects have only observed in individuals who are severely obese. As previously mentioned Ritalin increases the basal metabolic rate, heart rate, and reduces appetite.

When used at the recommended dosage, it can work as an effective natural fat burner.

The Norepinephrine in the stimulant plays a major role in speeding the metabolic rate, boosting the overall weight loss. However, it is good to remember that it is not possible to achieve maximal weight loss results. Without first following the appropriate healthy diet plan as well as physical exercise.

UK Legal Status of Using Ritalin

Can you buy Ritalin in the UK legally?  Simple answer NO unless you have a prescription.

Below you will find out why.

As you can see from the benefits it offers your body, Ritalin is a potent and powerful drug. However, this drug comes with several potential side effects. These include insomnia, anxiety, as well as loss of appetite.

Although there are some individuals who obtain the drug without having a prescription.

Its use should be supervised by a qualified medical professional. If it is not prescribed, Ritalin is considered a class B drug in the UK.

The UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971(MDA) has three class A,B,C. With A being the most serious. Moving down the scale to C being the least serious. As stated Ritalin is in class B with other drugs, such as cannabis and spice.

Despite the fact that it is not an illegal drug. The police are allowed to search for persons who are suspected of making it, importing, or supplying for other reasons besides medical use(2).

Recommended Dosage

There are several doses of Ritalin used for treating various health conditions over the years. However, the current dosage of Ritalin is about 1mg for each 1 kg of body weight.

This means if your current weight is 65kgs, the appropriate dose for you should be 65mg daily. To allow your body the time to absorb it fully, take it 30-45 before eating your meals.

Overview of the Side Effects of Ritalin

Unlike other Nootropics supplements, the use of Ritalin has several side effects. Most of these side effects are largely due to drug abuse and long-term use.

To avoid these side effects, ensure that you only take the drug when prescribed by a doctor. Abusing this drug is dangerous to your health and may ultimately lead to loss of life. You should also you follow the recommended dosage strictly.

It is also good to point-out that the drug has an addictive nature. This means that you have to take it to get some of the benefits listed above.

The Main Side Effects of Ritalin

Remember, if you are not abusing the drug and find yourself having any side effects after consuming it. You should immediately stop taking it and seek medical help.

Circulatory Systems

One of the side effects of using Ritalin is that it causes circulation problems. After consuming the supplement, you can find your fingers and toes feeling and painful. The skin may also turn red or blue.

Some of the conditions linked to Ritalin include peripheral vascular disease, increased body temperature, increased heart rate, as well as blood pleasure.

In most cases, these conditions are short term, and your body goes back to its normal state after a short time. However, if you find experiencing these conditions for long, consult your doctor immediately.

Digestive System

Studies also show that Ritalin can also make some people lose appetite. Some people can also experience nausea and stomachache. Abusing this drug can cause the victim to vomit, and other time, it can lead to malnutrition.


When you take the recommended does, this stimulant does not have any negative respiration system effects. However, abusing or long-term use can cause irregular breathing.

Breathing problems associated with consumption of Ritalin are considered as medical emergencies.

Reproductive System

Overdosing or prolonged use of Ritalin. Can make males experience prolonged and painful erections. Although rare, sometimes this condition requires medical intervention.

Bottom Line

Ritalin is great for treating ADD and ADHD. However, if you are mainly using Ritalin for boosting your energy and concentration. It’s a wise idea to look for other alternatives among the Nootropics supplements.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER Website is for information purposes only. Always get guidance/consult about a medical condition from a health care professional.
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