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Racetams, which are the most popular type of Nootropic, are a special group of synthetically made compounds that share the same chemical structure.

Just like all other Nootropics, Racetams can be taken to increase focus, improve memory, enhance sensory perception, improve reflexes, accelerate learning, minimize anxiety and improve mood.

Racetams, although popularly used as Nootropics (substances that are taken to improve overall mental performance), can also be used to manage and even treat some health issues. This comprehensive article is going to show you how these potent compounds work and even introduce you to some of the commonly used Racetams.

How Racetams Work

Acetylcholine is a crucial brain neurotransmitter that often plays a major role in overall cognitive function, especially decision-making, focus, memory, and learning. This natural chemical compound is also responsible for muscle movement and coordination. Racetams have been scientifically proven to easily bind to Acetylcholine receptors once they successfully cross the blood-brain barrier. This, in turn, results in a significant increase in the neurotransmitter (Acetylcholine), thus; improving overall cognitive functions.

Racetams have also been proven to increase the body’s glucose and oxygen uptake. Increasing both elements results in even higher levels of mental energy, hence; allowing the user to feel extra focused and alert. It has also been discovered that Racetams can also easily activate both Glutamate receptors (NDMA and AMPA receptors). By doing so, these popular nootropic compounds end up improving the uptake of Glutamate.

Glutamate is also another important brain neurotransmitter that is known to assist in muscle coordination, memory formation and learning among other essential neurological functions. Multiple studies also indicate that Racetams have the ability to increase communication across the “corpus callosum (the part of the brain, which separates into two distinct hemispheres.” This activity ends up increasing overall communication between the left and right sides of the brain which also results in improved memory.

The Common Types of Racetams

There are approximately 19 different Racetam supplements including Seletracetam, Piracetam, Aniracetam, Imuracetam, Rolipram, Brivaracetam, Dimiracetam, Coluracetam, Fasoracetam, Etiracetam, Nebracetam, Levetiracetam, Oxiracetam, Phenotropil, Phenylpiracetam, Pramiracetam and Rolziracetam available in the market today. However, this informative guide will only focus on introducing you to the commonly used Racetam Nootropics.

1. Piracetam

This popular Racetam supplement, which is often referred to as “Nootropil” is the oldest, most widely used and probably the safest Racetam nootropic available in the market today. Piracetam is quite popular among beginners due to its mild nature and low toxicity levels. It is even claimed that Piracetam is much safer to take than the common coffee. This Racetam was the first to be synthesized and has been widely studied since the 1960s.

Piracetam can be used as an excellent studying and concentration aid as it provides you with even more energy while also increasing your motivation. People who consume the relatively affordable Racetam compound generally experience increased memory and cognition, focus and learning. Some people may also benefit from its anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties.

According to multiple scientific findings, Piracetam can be taken to prevent stroke and even minimize the damage caused by the medical condition. Piracetam is also a potent antioxidant that can be used to remove poisons and toxins from the brain. The Racetam does not easily cross the blood-brain barrier due to its water-soluble nature, hence; takes a relatively long time for a person to experience its effects.

It is recommended that you take between 800mg to 2400mg of the compound, 1 or 2 times per day to reap its numerous benefits.

2. Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a potent anxiolytic (contains anti-anxiety properties) that can be taken to increase memory and cognition, improve creativity, reduce social anxiety and improve one’s perception of colors and sounds. The Racetam which is considered to be longer lasting and more potent than Piracetam is a great Ampakine that actively stimulates the body’s AMPA receptors.

Being an effective AMPA receptor agonist, Aniracetam significantly increases the user’s concentration and focus levels, making it a great Racetam nootropic for studying. The Racetam which is believed to be up to 5 times more potent than Piracetam is fat soluble, hence; can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. This alone turns it into a super-fast acting agent. However, Aniracetam’s effects cannot be felt for long as it has a bioavailability of 0.2%.

You should always exercise great caution while taking Aniracetam in higher doses due to its relatively strong effects.

3. Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam is an excellent logic booster Racetam that should be taken when performing specific tasks that often require the use of advanced logic like carrying out math calculations. The Racetam apart from providing you with improved cognitive functions can also provide you with increased energy thanks to its slight stimulatory effects. The nootropic which is among the most expensive Racetams is commonly used by experienced nootropic supplement users.

Oxiracetam, just like Piracetam is relatively slow acting due to its water-soluble nature. The compound has a relatively high bioavailability (between 68 and 82 percent), hence; its effects are likely to last even longer (about 8 hours). Extremely mild side effects, including fatigue, have been reported by some Oxiracetam users. It is recommended that you take between 750 to 1600 milligrams of the Racetam per day.

4. Pramiracetam

This is probably the most potent nootropic when it comes to increasing both focus and memory. Pramiracetam’s effects are often compared to those of Ritalin (a popular central nervous system stimulant) in potency. Pramiracetam is considered to be the best Racetam nootropic for improved laser sharp focus and long-term memory. This compound is estimated to be about 15 times stronger than Piracetam, hence; making it a favorite of advanced Racetam supplement users.

Apart from being super strong, Pramiracetam quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier due to its fat-soluble nature. Pramiracetam’s effects can be felt for a significantly long period due to its incredibly high bioavailability. The potent Racetam is often stacked with other Nootropics and Racetams to enhance their effects.

Pramiracetam, despite its highly potent nature, is relatively safer with minor side effects that are equivalent to those of table salt. It is recommended that you take between 100 to 1,200 mg of the Racetam nootropic per day due to its high concentration.


It is often recommended that you start with a relatively mild Racetam like Piracetam before experimenting with any strong nootropic compound. Generally, the effects of consuming a particular Racetam nootropic may vary from one person to another depending on various factors. This makes it crucial to first experiment with various Racetams so as to identify a specific one that perfectly works for you.

You can even develop your own unique Racetam nootropic stack formula that specifically meets your cognitive and health needs. It is also advisable that you regularly consume Choline supplements to avoid a majority of the side effects like headache that are commonly experienced by Racetam nootropic users. You can also decide to eat cauliflower, eggs, liver, and beef all which are natural Choline sources.

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